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Italian Countryside


We are passionate about sharing language and culture with you, so we organise many events throughout the year to supplement your learning. These very popular events give you more opportunities to immerse yourself in the language in a fun and social way with other students. Our students enjoy our foreign language movie nights, workshops, cooking classes, captivating talks and children’s story-time.

English for Mandarin speackers with Tony

English for Chinese speakers.jpg



Hello everyone, I am Tony who teaches English and French and knows Spanish and Italian. After having graduated from the English Department of Tianjin International Studies University, with French as a second foreign language, I started working in foreign language teaching and I have been engaged in teaching and researching IELTS vocabulary, IELTS grammar, IELTS reading, speaking, and writing at Tianjin Global IELTS Training Schools for sixteen years. I was ranked as the most popular teacher in Tianjin Global IELTS. In 2015, I came to Melbourne to continue the same job at Wenbo IELTS School. I am good at tailoring and designing personalized courses for students with weak English foundation, so that any student who really wants to master English can quickly get started, cultivate their interest, and establish a complete grammar and vocabulary system so as to communicate freely with foreigners. Over the past 16 years, I have taught thousands of students. The effect is remarkable. If you really want to learn English and improve your English, please contact us immediately!




Spanish for Travellers workshop with Diana

Spanish for Travellers: Join Diana for a great workshop learning the basics of Spanish language to enjoy your trip in Spain or South America. 


We'll have a break for lunch and we'll enjoy it Spanish Tapas while we practice what we learnt along the day. 


Booking essential. 


Participants: Min. of 4, max. of 8 students. 

Date: 29th June 2024 (also on demand).

Time: From 9 am to 4 pm.

Location: MPLCS in Mornington. 

Cost: $150 (lunch include it). 

Spanish Cooking class workshop with Diana


Date: Saturday 8th June.  

Time: From 11 am to 4 pm. 

Location: Mornington. 

Cost: $155.00

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